Dolce & Gabbana Eye Shadows Lagoona 150 + three makeup

I chose the color of the dvushka according to the principle "the color of the shadows that I do not have." There are practically no blue and green shades in my collection, and there are a lot of green dresses and blouses. And I decided to take such a palette, for the sake of curiosity. In palette 1 grassy green and one turquoise blue.
This is my first product of this brand, and I was very pleased with the quality of the shadows and nice metal packaging :)
Detailed opinion: The weight of the shadows is decent - 5 grams, even more than in their four shadows. Shadows with a shimmer, but very small, are best seen with a flash. I have no complaints about the pigmentation of shadows and resistance, I wore both with and without a base, in both cases they lived until the evening. The dark green color is a little dusty, and it is more difficult to work with it than with turquoise. But this is rather connected not with quality but with color, yet dark green is a color completely alien to the color of the skin and you just can’t blend it, it requires accuracy and accuracy, or a combination with brown shades. I love brown and add it to almost all my make-ups, I think that this makes any craziest color wearable in the daytime. Recently, I use not brown shadows for this, but MAS Harmony blush, I think that this is the best texture for shading, there is less pigment than in the shadows, and blush does not change makeup very much and does not draw attention to itself, but simply “sculpt” eyes, add a little more volume and help to “fit” the shadows of any color into my color type.
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):
no flash
with flash to show shimmer

The colors of the shadows are complex, they are easier to combine with other shades than to wear solo. Therefore, I sketched several options, the first two with the participation of extraneous shadows, and the last just both shades from the palette together. As I said above on all make-ups, the crease of the eyelid is shaded by Harmony MAC blush.
Option 1: Pale Blue + Brown Duochrome Kat Von D Shade Shifters Eye Shadow - On the Road

Option 2: Green from a palette on a black pencil + gold cream shadow Kryolan Aquacolor

Option 3: Blue from a palette + Green from a palette

Price: around 40 dollars
Test period: 2 weeks
These are the shadows) not the easiest to use, but still very interesting and high-quality.
Thank you for your attention, I hope you enjoyed it

Watch the video: Dolce (February 2020).